Soraya Sikander's A Floral Symphony

At one with Nature

Soraya, graduated from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan draws her inspiration from nature, which result in a wide variety of visually stunning and harmoniously conceived compositions.


Through her paintings, Soraya captures the magnificence of the floral kingdom. She describes her work as;


“Depiction of a magnificent being, nature. A larger than life, immeasurable world, summed into a picture. Mother Nature cannot be captured entirely without being overwhelmed, therefore, humbly, I breakdown the beauty, bit by bit, piece by piece.


So we admire a solitary rose, a leaf, and an entire tree beaming with sunlight or covered with shade - as scenery, from the vast grandeur of the eternal nature.”


Soraya painted roses, lilies, carnation, gladiolas, hydrangea and baby’s breath. It shows her inspiration and a great admire of nature. She endeavor to project beauty through her work and show an alternative side, one where flowers grow and life flourishes. An important aspect of her work is that she produced paintings that are contrary to the popular art produced nowadays that depicts terrorism and has an almost depressing effect on the viewer. Soraya’s paintings lift viewers’ spirits, and send out a message of peace in chaos and mayhem.  Through her paintings she makes people feel moved and alive.

An exhibition of Soraya Sikander's paintings  was held at Unicorn Gallery, Karachi. Soraya painted the series A Floral Symphony in oil on canvas and ink on paper.

A Floral Harmony was Soraya’s first solo show that was well-received. 


Past Exhibitions:

2010, 04 to 09 October - Group show, Art without boundaries, NM Art Gallery, Total Arts Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2010, 17 to 20 June - Solo show, An Ode to nature, Grand Trunk Road Art Gallery, Singapore.
2010, 18 to 28 May - Group show, The Golden Collection: 1947-2010 a landscapes and seascapes retrospective, Unicorn Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.
2010, 19 to 26 February - Solo show, A Floral Symphony, Unicorn Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.
2009, 16 to 22 October - Group show, International Artists, National Art Gallery of Bangladesh, Dhaka museum, Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2009, 30 August to 11 September - Group show, Recession, Karachi, Pakistan.
2008, 19 to 29 December - Group show, Kohinoor selection, private viewing, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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