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Muhammad Rustam Khan: The painter par excellence

M Rustam Khan artist,

Mohammad Rustam Khan is largely a self-taught artist who achieved recognition through his extraordinary work. Rustam is a natural, God gifted artist without any formal training from any art institute. Rustam is mainly interested in portraits and realistic work however he has worked almost in all fields including murals, mosaics, and even in 3D models. His fame for portraits, still life and for an extraordinary attention to finest details in his paintings he consequently commissioned work of a mask to portray a burn face of a woman for the Oscar award winner documentary 'Saving Face', directed and produced by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. The styles of this exceptional untutored artist range widely from portrait to landscapes and still life. Not only this but he used almost all media. He also made building models and carved sculptures.


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Anwar Maqsood

Anwar Maqsood is known as writer, actor, poet and compere in Pakistan, but he is basically a painter. He has been painting for over three decades now and is one of the prominent names in Pakistani art.

Anwar Maqsood had his first one-man show in 1958 in Karachi where he displayed 50 paintings. All his paintings were sold out in less than half an hour. The famous veteran Pakistani diplomat Jamshed Marker bought 40 out of all 50 paintings. 

أعمال مركز جمعة الماجد للثقافة والتراث في حفظ المخطوطات في غرب إفريقيا

Works of Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in preserving manuscripts in West Africa.
 Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, a charitable institution, takes the responsibility for preserving manuscriptsin the world regardless to religious or ethnic identity, trying to spread them to achieve the goal of its founder, Mr. Juma Al Majid. This publication describes the work of the Center.

Unicorn Gallery
Dr. Akbar Naqvi, Khujwa Recollected, Unicorn Gallery

In the book Dr. Naqvi recollects the journeys of his ancestors over mopre than a milenium. The book is an adventure into the identity of the author which is rooted in the basic values of his family, and the special study of the enlightenment in al-Hind which arose from Muslim presence in the Sub-continent.

Hanging Fire: Contemporary Art from Pakistan

By Salima Hashmi: Hanging Fire covers a fascinating range of subjects and media, from installation and video art to sculpture, drawing, and paintings in the “contemporary miniature” tradition. Essays by distinguished contributors including Salima Hashmi, Ayesha Jalal and Mohsin Hamid, place contemporary Pakistani art in a cultural, historical, and artistic perspective. This dynamic catalogue provides a groundbreaking look at recent and current trends in Pakistani art.

Pakistan gave the world cotton & paper
R A Jairazbhoy, Pakistan gave world cotton and paper, Zubair Ahmed Madani

R A Jairazbhoy
Paperback – January 1, 1996
Author(s) : R A Jairazbhoy
Publisher : FEROZSONS
ISBN Number : 9690012886
Language : English
Page(s) : 44


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Soraya Sikander

Soraya Sikander artist painting,
Soraya Sikander,

Soraya, graduated from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan draws her inspiration from nature, which result in a wide variety of visually stunning and harmoniously conceived compositions. Through her paintings, Soraya captures the magnificence of the floral kingdom. She describes her work as;
“Depiction of a magnificent being, nature. A larger than life, immeasurable world, summed into a picture. Mother Nature cannot be captured entirely without being overwhelmed, therefore, humbly, I breakdown the beauty, bit by bit, piece by piece.
So we admire a solitary rose, a leaf, and an entire tree beaming with sunlight or covered with shade - as scenery, from the vast grandeur of the eternal nature.”

Soraya painted roses, lilies, carnation, gladiolas, hydrangea and baby’s breath. It shows her inspiration and a great admire of nature. She endeavor to project beauty through her work and show an alternative side, one where flowers grow and life flourishes.

An important aspect of her work is that she produced paintings that are contrary to the popular art produced nowadays that depicts terrorism and has an almost depressing effect on the viewer. Soraya’s paintings lift viewers’ spirits, and send out a message of peace in chaos and mayhem. Through her paintings she makes people feel moved and alive.
A Floral Harmony was Soraya’s first solo show that was well-received.

Pakistan Art Review: Current Issue

Pakistan Art Review: Current Issue

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