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Soraya Sikander Paintings, Landscape, Wave Oil on Canvas
The Bend
Soraya Sikander Paintings, The Bend Oil on Canvas
Calligraphic Landscape
Soraya Sikander Paintings, Calligraphic Landscape Oil on Canvas
Soraya Sikander Paintings, Waterfall Pen and Ink on Paper
Soraya Sikander Paintings, Landscape

South Asia's Must Watch Artist

Soraya Sikander, Artist, Pakistan


Soraya Sikander is described as one of South Asia's must watch artists

Soraya Sikander Paintings, Landscape Critically acclaimed painter Soraya Sikander has known one after another commercially successful exhibitions. The only Pakistani artist to be trained at the London Atelier of Representational Art, Soraya is described as one of South Asia’s must watch artists. With over twelve international exhibitions to her credit, she is best known for the series ‘In, at, around’ which has drawn collectors attention and enjoyed popularity for two years continuous.

Soraya is a TEDx art speaker lecturing on art’s ability to condition and influence people. Her work has been reviewed by Hello! Magazine, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, The Gulf Today, Islamic Arts Magazine, Professor Gerda Roper, Juliet Highet.

Soraya’s body of work can be described as environmental and social activism. Through her paintings she draws attention to the natural world, creating a contrast with the man-made.

Soraya Sikander Paintings, Artist Cutting-edge and experimental, her paintings are narratives of the transformative nature of cities and places.

The artist always paints outdoors, working in a studio environment only when extreme weather forces make it impossible for her to paint on location. Most of her paintings are textural. Having a sound knowledge of art history and solid grounding in fine arts, Soraya builds her paintings layer upon layer effortlessly. Her works is distinguished for light, tone and texture and is reminiscent of the work of old European masters. She has been offered an honorary MFA at a British university, artist residency in the States, and a Biennale showing in Europe. Soraya Sikander events and dates announcement can be found at her web portal










Painting Competition at Arts Council Karachi

Pakistan Painting Competition will be held at Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi on 23 March, 2015. The competition will be hosted nder The Red Sapphire & its wing Activity Club. There are 6 competition categoreis from toddlers to Juniors to Dctators. Registration fee is Rs. 1000 per participant. This is an open competition and any one can participate. The theme is PAKISTAN. Participants will bring their own canvas and paints. The competition will run from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm. Contact: 0336-2384724.

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